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Learn why composite fencing outlasts vinyl and wood fences. , Your weekends are better spent elsewhere than working on your fence or arranging for ,

The Homestead Survival | Building a Wood Pallet Fence Project – No Disassembling ,.. Pallet garden shed - build an outdoor shed out of recycled pallets.

Being able to make just about anything out of pallets has many benefits for off-grid living – saving money and repurposing items among them. Pallets are ,

And now you can even create fences out of pallets. , How to build a pallet fence and how many pallets do you need for 100 ft of fence. If youre ,

Who doesnt want a little picket fence… its part of the American dream, right? So this past weekend, the hubs and I set out to create our very ,

I saw an instructible from LAWNMUSIC on how to make a spooky halloween prop fence out of pallet boards. This got me to thinking, why not make a REAL ,

We made this darling little purple garden fence entirely out of pallets that we got for FREE from craigslist. Read the blog post for a closer look into how we did it.

We use beige paint in all our rentals and flips. If the home has white trim we use a color from Kwal Paint called Sawyers Fence, for oak trim we use a color called ,

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